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Great Course! Enjoyed the experiences of the instructors and other classmates. This course should be offered more often and on-site refreshers or "crash" courses for upper management at plants. Material was delivered in a clear and concise manner. Thank you both for treating the class attendees like adults and with respect. True Subject Matter Experts without the arrogant attitudes - that is a big plus when engaging students. Hope to attend other courses that may apply to my professional growth.
Thanks again.
M. G., Maintenance Planner Program Manager, Owens Corning

Experienced trainers. Very good program at a very nice location. The open forum time was very good. Real life demos from the instructors helps.
J. Z., CEO, Zabatt, Inc

This course has given me the information to induce a major culture change through education and supporting continuous improvement. It is a logical process that will take time for everyone to understand and put into use.
B.L., Mechanical Planner/Scheduler, Jacksonville Transit Authority

Most of all, I enjoyed the knowledge of the instructor and his ability to answer questions thoroughly.
U.D, Process Safety and Reliability Engineer, Company wtihheld by request

I have learned that having well trained planners can turn your company around with the right help and support of everyone else doing their job. The information given in this seminar will be very helpful in my new job position, without the information that was given, it would be very hard to even determine where to begin. Thank you.
C.H., Scheduler, Unicco at Gulfstream

Being a newly appointed Maintenance Manager, I was unaware of all the Best Practices related to Maintenance processes and procedures. I really liked all the examples and life learning of the instructor.
G.L., Maintenance Manager, Company wtihheld by request

(Instructors are) very knowledgeable. (Instructors have) been there, done that and have positive ideas on how to succeed.
R. T., Maintenance Planner, Georgia Pacific

The instructor does a good job in answering questions. He takes the time to make sure that the questions are answered accurately and thoroughly. The course helped me formulate a vision to take back to my work.
C.M., Maintenance Manager, Company withheld by request

...was relevant to my needs and the diversity of the group. Added significant value...
E. P., Maintenance Coordinator/Planner

The course was excellent with real-life examples and networking opportunities. The instructor is well qualified to teach this course.
G.K., Senior Design Engineer, Company withheld by request

I received a "mountain" of information. Hopefully I can digest it and feed it to my maintenance, supply and Sr. leadership in a favorable fashion. I would recommend a condensed version of this course to all maint./ supply managers/ supervisors.
C. T., Reliability Job Planner, North Star Blue Scope Steel LTD

The instructor was very knowledgeable and the course was well organized. I have had a similar course in the past but (the instructor was) not as knowledgeable on the subject as this one.
S. W., Maintenance Scheduler, Fleet Readiness Center-Southeast, US Navy

Jeff (Instructor - Maintenance Management Course), you are a wealth of knowledge.
S. S., Engineering Manager, Tulsa Tube

I enjoyed how the instructor facilitated opportunities for student interaction that allowed everyone to share issues and potential solutions. The course was very good, well presented, and keyed in on the Best Practices.
L.M., Maintenance Analyst, Company withheld by request